Mirth & Sadness, Smiles & Tears

by Rich Thompson

Background and artist comments : A collection of photographs taken on February 5, 1865 by Alexander Gardner in his Washington DC studio, has always fascinated me. I’ve based this piece on one of those photographs. I call the painting “Mirth and Sadness, Smiles and Tears” as the image somehow captures both, his joy and his pain. It reflects a smile, his legendary sense of humor, the approval of the 13th amendment, (Lincoln had signed four days prior) and the war drawing to a close. It also captures the wear and tear of his struggle to restore the Union, four years of war resulting in over 600,000 casualties, and the death of his son Willie. This painting is one of my favorites and it makes me proud to be able to share it with you.

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Stretched Canvas
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Actual Image Size: 16 X 20
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